Inglês Bible ABC´s
updated  feb 16, 2006 J
  Jacob and the stair angels
A Joseph in Potiphar´s house
Adam and Eve Jonah and the fish
Abram welcomes strangers Jonah the prophet
Adam and Eve desobey Jonah - many stories
  Joseph is sold
Absalom dies Joseph´s greatness
  Joshua conquers Canaan
B Joseph, the story
Baptism of Jesus Jacob and Esau
Blind Bartimaeu Job´s patience
Be good Jealousy
Believe Jesus on the cross
Bread and meat from heaven Jesus is buried
Belshazzar´s banquet Judith the bravery of a  woman
C Jesus´birth
Crucify Him Jesus calms the storm
Cain and Abel Jesus is coming soon
Children obey mom and dad Jesus predicts His death
Children want to see Jesus Jesus died
Daniel - many stories Lazarus - Jesus felt sad
David and Saul Lot & his family are protected
David loves Saul M
Daniel in the lion´s den Marching around Jericho
  Moses - 10 commandments
Doubting Thomas Moses - plagues of Egypt
David and Goliath Moses - prince and leader
  Moses - and the burning bush
E Moses - water from the rock
Esther Moses - food from heaven
Elijah the prophet Moses - crossing the Red Sea
Elijah and the prophets of Baal  
Elijah and the altar N
  Naaman - a sick man is healed
F Names and their meanings
The faith of a woman Neemiah
God made the world P
God is love Paralysed man and his 4 friends
God fills my needs  
H Ruth2
Happy Easter Ruth and her devotion
I Samuel´s call
Isaiah and Jeremiah Solomon and the temple
  The return to Jerusalem


  Trust in God - the temptation of Potiphar


  The good samaritan
  The life of Jesus in Nazareth